2020 is the year that no-one will forget.

Our National Health Service (NHS) has worked so fantastically hard and remains strong in all its glory. However, having worked within a very busy community based service for the last year I developed an overwhelming sense of wanting to do more to help individuals come out of this awful, traumatic and uncertain time. Everything we have ever known has changed, suddenly we were not able to go to work, our children were unable to go to school and we could no-longer get close to or even visit those we loved the most. As a result difficulties with mental health and well-being have become more prevalent. We lived and still currently live within a really uncertain world (technology, face-masks, Netflix and walking have all become the norm).

Identity Therapeutic Services offers an individual focused option for private therapy, in the absence of long waiting times and discharge pressures. Identity is based on the ethos that ‘no information is exclusive, so if we know it, you can have it’. I am a passionate, person-centred and I believe that the therapeutic relationship is crucial to recovery.

🌿 We welcome your feedback to support us in our growth and development as a service